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Sample Drop Down Module

This is an example of a module published to the drop_down row. This row contains 6 modules. To enable the drop down simple publish any module to any of the drop_down_x positions.


    • Download the installation package from our download section.
    • Once the download is complete go to the backend of Joomla.
    • Navigate through your menu system to Extensions/Install Uninstall.


    • Once at the installation screen click the browse button and navigate to where you downloaded the template file.
    • Once you have the file selected click 'Upload File and Install'
    • The template is now installed, now let's set it as the default template:

    • Navigate through your menu system to Extensions/Template Manager.
    • Find the radio button next to the newly installed template.
    • Click on the Default button at the top right of the screen and you're done!


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