Maxima, Amulette, R'Mascotte & Mioche

Sample Drop Down Module

This is an example of a module published to the drop_down row. This row contains 6 modules. To enable the drop down simple publish any module to any of the drop_down_x positions.


All modules are fully collapsible

What exactly is a collapsing module? It's quite simple, whenever a module is not published to a postion that position does not appear on the frontend of the template. Consider the example below:

This particular row has 6 module positions available to publish to. Let's say you only want to publish to 4 of these positions. The template will automatically collapse the modules you do not want to use and adjust the size of the modules accordingly:

If no modules are published to the row the entire row itself will not show. The best feature of this is every module can be published to its own unique pages so the layout of your site can change on every page!

Infinite Layouts

Because there are so many module positions available in so many different areas, the number of layouts you can create are limitless! For example, if you would like to show your main content area on the right side of your site but still have a column of modules, simply published your modules to the right or right_inset positions or both. The same would be true for the opposite, if you want a column on the left simply publish modules to left or left_inset. Of course you can always choose to not have a column at all. Remember, any module not published to will automatically collapse and the remaining area will automatically adjust. There is no need to choose a pre-defined layout for your entire site, simply use the power of collpasing module positions and take advantage of the numerous amount of module positions to create any layout you can dream of! Be sure to checkout the layout of modules below.

Dozens of Modules

Below is a complete list of all the module positions available for this template.

How to install and setup module styles:

  1. Download any module you wish to publish to your site.
  2. In the backend of Joomla navigate to the menu item Extensions/Install Uninstall

  3. Browse for the module's install file and click Upload File & Install.
  4. Once the module has be installed navigate to the menu item Extensions/Module Manager (same menu as above)
  5. Find the Module just installed and click on it's title.
  6. Change any parameters that you wish and be sure to set it to published and publish it to your desired module position.
  7. To apply a module style simply fill in the module class suffix field with any of this template's included module styles. This parameter setting is found under Module Parameters on the right side of the screen.

  8. Assign what pages you would like the module to appear on and finally click Save.


Maxima du Lion d'Orange

Máxima du Lion d'Orange      foto's
HD-B,DNA, CSNB -/-, EU-vrij,
IPO1, Foktoelating, CAC-res.'16






v:Héraut de la Maison Echaruq
LOSH 103309
ID 981100000732040
Coupe de Belgique Mondioring 2012 - Cat. 1
West-Vlaams Kampioen mondioring cat.1
2011 Beker van België Veldwerk cat 1- 2011
Belgisch Kampioen Veldwerk cat 1

m: Amulette du Lion d'Orange


Amulette du Lion d'Orange

Amulette du Lion d'Orange    foto's
geb. 18-08-2005
International Champion

selectionnée België 2010

CACIB Maastricht

CSNB +/-


v: Bourbon de la Maison Louis d'Or
HD - A/D, CSNB-frei/clear, PRA-frei/clear, ERG normal
Internationaler Champion / VPG 1 /  Dt. Champion VDH & BCD / Champion Luxemburg & Schweiz
selektionné Frankreich 2002 / Belgien 2005 / Deutschland 2005
WT / DOB: 07.02.1999
ZB-Nr.: VDH-BCD-K2649

m: Royale Mascotte du Lion d'Orange


Royale.Mascotte du Lion d'Orange

v: CH. Gillian des Plaines de Brotonne sel. F                         foto's
m: Multi Ch. Mioche van de Ridderweide sel. B, W'01

HD B/NL, ERG ok, CNSB +/- ,gedragstest,
U.V. (Uithoudingsvermogen test 20 km.)

Royale Mascotte is op 15-02-2000 geboren uit een nest van 10 puppy's.

Selektie F.’00 Veelbelovend
2x Briardclubmatch D.’01 U
Eindhoven’01 1e
Den Bosch’01 2e
Briardclubmatch NL.’01 2e
Evaluatie'01 NL. geselekteerd  
selektie F.'03 pré-selectionnée
Winner'03 2e
Wychen'03 1e, RCAC
Eindhoven'04 1e, CAC/CACIB
Zuid-Laren 4e
Briardclubmatch'04, NL 1e, Fokkersklas
Leeuwarden 1e, CAC/CACIB/BOB
Goes 3e
Hulten 3e
Evaluatie'04 voldoende
Maastricht'04 RCAC



Mioche van de Ridderweide

Nederlands-, VDH-, Duits-, Luxemburgs Schoonheids Kampioen.                      foto's
Selectionnee Belgie,
U.V.-test (uithoudingsvermogen 20km. fietsen), Gedragstest NL, B, F, D.

HD B, OCVO oogtest-vrij, PRA oogtest-vrij, CSNB -/-

V: CH. Igor des Edennes de Colmel
M: CH. Godiva Ivana van de Ridderweide

Mioche is op 09-11-'96 geboren uit een nest van 12 puppy's.


Mioche haar showcarriere in binnen– en buitenland begon in 1997.
Van de in totaal 60 tentoonstellingen waar zij was ingeschreven, heeft zij op 27 tentoonstellingen een plaatsing weten te bemachtigen.

Waarvan verschillende plaatsingen op grote Briardclubmatches, n.l. in

DK.’97 2e
NL.’98 1e, beste jeugdteef 
DK.’99 1e, CAC
D.’99   1e, RCAC
B.’99   4e
D’01    1e, CAC-VDH/RCAC-BCD
D’01    1e, CAC-VDH/CAC-BCD
Europese’01 2e                            
NL'04   3e           

Tot december 2001 heeft Mioche 12 CAC’s, 8 RCAC’s, 3 CACIB’s en 4 RCACIB’s gewonnen.